Grease Systems

Systems at a Glance

System Type Description
Single Line Resistance Low-priced, small-sized, low pressure oil systems for use with meter and control units on small to medium machinery.
Positive Displacement Injectors Precise outputs and flexible design for oil and fluid grease systems on a wide variety of industrial and mobile machinery
Series Progressive Positive displacement non-adjusting divider valves with fail-safe monitoring and robust lubricators handle oil and grease applications.
Dual Line The most respected name in the industry for dual line divider valves now features high-pressure central pumping stations.
Specialty Air/oil, spray mist and fluid recovery systems give you total control over your lubrication requirements.
Single Point Football helmet-tough polycarbonate reservoirs and spring-driven greasers, along with wick oilers for individual bearing lubrication.


Machine tools Mills, lathes, VMC, HMC, transfer lines
Metal forming Stamping, punch presses, shears, brakes
Printing machinery Newspapers, magazines, book bindery, folders, presses
Packaging/processing equipment Breweries, bottlers, personal care, food, pharmaceuticals, home care, boxed/canned/bottled products
Automotive Assembly lines, conveyor, storage retrieval, warehousing
On-road mobile Tractor-trailer, garbage, fire truck, street sweepers, concrete mixers
Off-road mobile Dump trucks, loaders
Metal processing/primary metals Steel, aluminum, brass
Wind energy Wind turbines
Sewage/water treatment Vacuum filter, belt press, food pumps
Pulp/paper mills Woodyard, wet end, dry end
Cement works/brick making Rock crushers, ball/rod mills, kilns
Sugar refineries Cane press
Power stations/turbines Feeder, pulverizer, coal handling,rolling stock
Cranes Mobile cranes, piggy packers
Material handling Conveyors, chain belts
Glass forming equipment Bottle and flat (window/windshield)
Forestry processing equipment Debarking, chipper, saw
Mining/excavation Shovels, draglines, drills, haul truck, front end loader
Plastics machinery Injection molding, blow molding, thermal forming
Farming/agriculture equipment Balers, tractors
Rubber/tire Goodyear, tire press, Banbury mixer
Aerospace/aviation Component manufacturers
Textiles Weavers, looms

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