Lube Oil Systems

The modern stearn turbine and generator are carefully designed pieces of equipment constructed of well selected materials. Its satisfactory performance and useful life in service depend, among other things, on the maintenance of proper lubrication. This is one of the best insurances against turbine outage. We have already examined the support of the turbine and generator rotors by journal bearings. In this lesson we shall discuss how a typical lUbricating oil system delivers oil to these bearings.

The lUbricating oil system performs three basic functions:

  • It reduces friction between rotating and fixed elements of the turbine and generator such as occur in the journal bearings and thrust bearings. This reduces wear, reduces heat and improves efficiency.
  • It removes heat from the bearings. This heat may either be generated by friction within the bearing or by conduction along the shaft from the turbines.
  • In mechanical hydraulic governing systems, it is used as a hydraulic pressure fluid. In these governing systems, lubricating oil is used for both the pilot oil and power oil systems.

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